Sclerotherapy Manuals
Step by Step procedure manual -   Practical and Objective - The complete Cycle    Now in PDF format 

Sclerotherapy Manual  Only $375.00

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Sclerotherapy Manual
A 425 Page Sclerotherapy Manual that guides you step by sept thru the complete process of Sclerotherapy.  Written in practical terms for varicose veins treatment.  This Sclerotherapy protocol guide is fully Illustrated and with all the documentation you need.  Injection techniques of Sclerotherapy and more
Now in PDF format 
Sclerotheapy Course Content and structure 
  1. Drs. Manual Table of Content
    Look at the Sclerotherapy Manuals Table of Content it covers the Complete Sclerotherapy Cycle. It is Practical and Comprehensive
  2. Drs. Book Sample Pages
    Chapter 8 Complications of Sclerotherapy What should we do. How to avoid them, etc. Now in PDF format
  3. Sclerotherapy Training Course
    Everything you need to implement Sclerotherapy Successfully. The Sclerotherapy Manual, The Hands On videos, The complete Conferences PPT
  4. Manual Available in Spanish
    The Sclerotherapy Manual , has been translated into Spanish language.
  5. Sclerotherapy for RN
    This is a Special Manual for RN, with every detail necessary to perform the best Sclerotherapy ever. avoiding common techniques mistakes, and being able to cure the patient in the minimum time possible
  6. Hands On Tec. Videos!
    What everyone needs the tips and pearls of Sclerotherapy , those injections techniques that can avoid problems and complication, explained step by step and that you can see it over and over
Table of Content
Sclerotherapy Manual
Sample Pages of Sclerotherapy Manual
Complete Sclerotherapy Program 
Spanish Manual  Index    
RN Sclerotherapy Manual TOC 
Video of Injection Tech
Sample Pags. Spanish Manual
Sample Pages of the RN Manual
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