Downloads for Sclerotherapy

This area has been prepared for the CopaVin Student in order to have easy access to some of the Sclerotherapy Training Materials needed. 

Sclerotheapy Course Content and structure 
  1. How to Avoid Mistakes
    Learn how to avoid mistakes in Sclerotherapy bases on injection techniques
  2. Table of Content Drs. Manual
    Base on the Practical experience, of having done Sclerotherapy for the past 30 Years, It will guide you step by step of the Sclerotherapy
  3. Sample Pages of Manual
    It will give you all the pearls of practice in Sclerotherapy, it will help you avoid common mistakes, Injection Tech.
  4. How much Sclerotherapy do you know?
    Test your knowledge of Sclerotherapy know the important question to ask, learn what to do, and when to do it appear.
  5. RN Sclerotherapy Manual
  6. Marketing & Forms Needed
    You can perform the best Varicose Vein treatment, but you need to know how to implement it in your practice and How to market your services
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How to Avoid Mistakes
TOC  Drs. Manual
Sample Pages Dr Manual
RN Sclerotherapy Manual TOC 
Sample Pages of the RN Manual
Sclerotherapy  Techniques
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Marketing and Control  
Manual in Spanish
Hands On Training Videos
Do Sclerotherapy Correctly
The Sclerotherapy Manual has been translated into Spanish
Get the Tips on How  to perform Sclerotherapy correctly
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1.- You Get the 435 pgs Sclerotherapy Manual .
2.- The complete Confrence Material and recorded audio, with the PPT
3.- The Sclerotherapy Videos of Injection Techniques
4.- Control Forms and Marketing Samples
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